What are The Best Applications?

When Apple Inc. announced that users had downloaded over one billion applications from their website, it was clear a new industry had been born. This assumption was affirmed just six months later when the company announced that another billion apps had been downloaded. Finally, it was reaffirmed when another billion apps were downloaded, this time in only three months.

What is an app? Well, an app is really nothing more than a simple computer program that lets users perform a series of specified actions. For example, an app might let a user play a video game, search for directions, or send an email. As you might expect, different apps let people complete different tasks.

What are the best applications ? That is a pretty subjective question. But at the bare minimum, a good app should make your life a little easier. For example, there are navigational apps that can help you when you’re lost in the woods and can’t find your way home. There are also business or office apps that can keep you from embarrassing yourself in front of an important client.

Applications can be downloaded on the internet for a fixed, often nominal fee. Some of the larger companies like Apple also offer thousands of apps for free. If you are wondering which application to choose, an apps review site can be a big help.