Learning to Use iPhone

In an age of technological innovation where competing products and technologies are released each and every season, it is hard to believe that a single, solitary product can move a market. But that is exactly what the world’s largest telephone service provider said happened in their last fiscal quarter.

According to telecommunications giant, AT and T, they increased net income by over 25 per cent. The company also revealed that this sudden surge was due in a large part to the arrangement they made with Apple Computer to be the exclusive service provider for the iPhone. In the last quarter alone (3 months) the company activated an astonishing 3.1 million iPhones.

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The popularity of this innovative product has prompted many older users to give the iPhone a try. As you might expect, they are at a severe disadvantage to their kids and grandkids that have been using popular Apple products like the iPod for years now. Fortunately, the company has made learning to use iPhone easier than ever with a series of video tutorials on their site.

All you have to do is visit Apple’s main website, Apple.com, to learn how to use your new mobile device. Although there may not be content that explains each and every feature, they have already posted videos for the most important and popular ones. Presently, there are videos on calling and voicemail, browsing the web, using the iPod and shooting videos.

If you would like to read up on all of the iPhone’s useful features, there are easy to follow articles that can be accessed on the very same page. iPhone video tutorials can also to be found on popular video sharing sites.