New Apps for iPhone and Review Sites

When Apple announced that iPhone users had downloaded over one billion apps from their website in only eighteen months, a new industry was born virtually overnight. But Apple didn’t rest on their laurels while other smartphone makers girded themselves for battle. Rather, they shifted it into high gear and produced tens of thousands of new apps in only a few months.

This ambitious strategy paid off in no time at all as the company reported that users had downloaded another billion apps from their site, this time in only six months. With thousands of new apps being released on the Apple App Site each and every month, users have more choices than ever before. They even have the option of downloading more than five thousand free apps.

And while this may seem like an enviable position to be in, many iPhone and Touch iPod users report that they were overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. How many? Well, the current apps catalogue contains over one hundred thousands applications, and many of these selections are New apps for iPhone .

That is why so many iPhone owners have been turning to iPhone apps review sites. If you have never visited one, a review site is really nothing more than a forum that lets users post reviews about applications that they have downloaded. New users can then peruse these reviews to help them get a better idea of what they need.

When searching for a reputable review site, probably the most important thing is to make certain that the site separates its reviews into discrete categories. This will make it much easier for you to find the best apps for any given action or activity.