Popular Education Apps

As you might expect, mobile phone applications are extremely popular with youngsters. And though most of them are for entertainment purposes only, there are a number of helpful and popular education apps that were designed specifically for younger users. These apps are often referred to as education apps .

What are education apps? Well, they are really nothing more than programs that help students learn and review important information. For example, there are education apps that can teach students Spanish, improve typing skills, and even help them prepare for advanced placement tests.

In the next few paragraphs we will take a look at some of the most popular education applications on the internet today. myHomework is a basic organisational program that helps students keep track of their homework, projects, classes and tests. Its layout is similar to that of a standard notebook, which makes it easy to use and organise.

Another popular education application is called Evernote. This program gives users the ability to create their own audio notes for class discussions and lectures. Perhaps that is why Evernote is popular with both high school and university students.

Lastly, we have an app called Formulas Free. This program provides an assortment of popular formulas from algebra and calculus classes. And while it might seem a bit bland, it is an invaluable tool for homework, study sessions and quick reviews. The average cost of these apps is around five pounds, though a full quarter of them are being offered for free.